What supplementary materials can undergraduate students send in with their applications?


Apart from the application, scores from standardized tests such as the SAT and the ACT, and required documents, many colleges often allow students to send materials which they believe will better reflect their potential for success in college. Apart from the often allowed visual arts and performing arts supplement, it is possible to submit alternative materials which demonstrate a high level of motivation, problem-solving ability or achievement. These could include research papers written independently or for a school project, description of science projects, the extended essay for IB students, summary of inventions, patents, designs and computer/ robotics programs, essays written for competitions, projects which indicate entrepreneurship, social commitment and leadership skills, etc.

Please keep in mind that submissions must be of exceptional quality; average does not qualify! This is not a place to just add more information about you. It is an opportunity to tell the admissions committee about something which is outstanding and has not found a place in your application.

Before sending your materials, do check to see if the school is open to receiving additional materials!


Author: Mrinalini Batra.

Mrinalini is the Founder and CEO of International Educational Exchange (IEE). For over 22 years now, IEE has been helping Indian students find and pursue great overseas educational opportunities.


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