How does Brexit impact Indian students who want to study abroad?


In recent years, the rising value of the GB Pound and the tightening of UK visa rules, had diminished the popularity of UK as a viable study destination for Indian students. However, The day after the Brexit referendum, a parent asked us to add UK colleges to their son’s college list (for applying abroad)! With the GB Pound falling instantaneously, the tuition cost has fallen by 10% for Indian students and that does make it attractive to many.

A lot depends on how things shape up in future. A large number of students heading to the UK are graduate students, keen on research. Brexit would probably impact research funds at universities as EU withdraws its support and this will adversely affect Indian students.

Brexit may make the UK a less favoured destination for students who seek multicultural communities. On the other hand, the exit of EU students may create more positions to be filled which may go in the Indian students’ favour.


Author: Mrinalini Batra.

Mrinalini is the Founder and CEO of International Educational Exchange (IEE). For over 22 years now, IEE has been helping Indian students find and pursue great overseas educational opportunities.

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