Our team has a collective experience of over 40 years in global education. We understand the benefits/constraints of the Indian education system; and the demands/offerings of the educational systems abroad.


We realize that tomorrow belongs to those who are rooted in their Indian origin and view themselves in a global context. Global education and careers are here to stay, and we are proud to catalyse the same for Indian students.





We help you realize your dream of studying abroad, and building a great global career.

For 20 years now, International Educational Exchange, or IEE, has been a trusted partner of Indian students who wish to pursue their education abroad – at the bachelor’s and master’s levels.

Over the last two decades we have witnessed an exponential increase in Indian students’ aspirations and dreams. In spite of internet-enabled easy access to information, the decision to study abroad is difficult; selecting colleges/universities (often called “schools”) is tedious and the application process is complex – to say the least. Which is why, our professional services are designed to help you move towards your academic and professional goals with ease and comfort.

We work with students  / parents to: plan their application process, select relevant colleges/universities, find scholarships, prepare for standardized tests like SAT/SAT Subject/AP, make a strong admission/scholarship application and visa counseling.

We are proud to have facilitated admission (often, with scholarship) for Indian students at their dream colleges like – Princeton, Harvard, UPenn, Stanford, Caltech, MIT, Yale, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Smith, CMU, Grinnell, Davidson College, Singapore Management University, Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, McGill University, Imperial College, etc. – to name a few schools.

We are fully cognizant of the fact that the capabilities and aspirations of students vary. Hence our endeavor has been to match them with colleges/universities where they would benefit tremendously from the experience. Our counsellors and coaches work closely with the student and their families to develop and implement an individualized and robust plan of action for overseas studies. This includes group and/or 1-1 preparation for standardized tests like SAT, SAT Subject, ACT, AP & TOEFL.

IEE does NOT work on commissions from colleges/universities. IEE also does NOT guarantee admission, financial aid or visa.

We pride ourselves in being a credible and impartial mentor-partner to the students.






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